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The organisers are researchers on the EU FP7 Project meSch – Material Encounters with Digital Cultural Heritage, exploring the co-design of tangible interactive installations in cultural heritage settings with cultural heritage communities and other stakeholders.

Luigina Ciolfi
Lui is Reader in Communication in the Communication and Computing Research Centre, C3RI, Sheffield Hallam University (UK). Her main research interests focus on people’s experience of technology in the physical world, notions of space and place and situated conduct, and practices of mobility in context. She has worked on several research projects exploring interaction with technology in public spaces, heritage settings, and practices of work and life on the move. Having studied cultural heritage technologies for almost 20 years, she is now interested in exploring practices of collaboration and co-design involving various cultural heritage stakeholders.

Areti Damala
Areti is Research Associate in Experience Design and User Studies in the Department of Computer and Information Sciences, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, UK. She holds a BA Hons in History of Art and Archaeology, an MPhil in Cultural Informatics and a PhD in Human Computer Interaction. Her main research interests lie at the intersection of Experience Design, Interaction Design, museum learning, evaluation, and museum and visitor studies. Areti has collaborated and worked with museums, galleries, museum visitors, CH professionals and New Media Artists in Greece, Spain, France, Italy, the UK, the Netherlands and the USA.

Eva Hornecker
Eva is a Professor of HCI in the Faculty of Media at the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar (Germany), and a lecturer at the University of Strathclyde. Her research investigates people’s interaction with physical and embedded technologies, e.g. with tangible or UbiComp systems or gestural and embodied interaction. Her work often focuses on the social interactions that evolve around such systems, in particular in public settings, such as museums, heritage sites or in urban settings. She has worked with museums and heritage sites in Germany, England and Scotland on the development and evaluation of museum technologies and installations.

Monika Lechner
Monika is Quality Manager, Digital Cultural Heritage at the DEN Foundation (The Netherlands). She holds a BA in Dutch Studies and an MA in Books & Digital Media Studies. Her main expertise includes assuring quality and evaluation for digital heritage projects and disseminating the results to the heritage sector. She focuses on bridging the gap between technically detailed texts and easily understandable documentation of standards and emerging new technologies, such as 3D, social media or Internet of Things, that are relevant for the digital heritage sector, now or in the near future.

Laura Maye
Laura is a Research Assistant and PhD Candidate at the Interaction Design Centre, University of Limerick. Her current research is concerned with co-design in cultural heritage and the use of interactive digital technologies and toolkits in cultural heritage sites. This is her main focus within the meSch project. Her thesis topic explores how digital technologies are used within museums during the process of creating and adapting museum activities.

Daniela Petrelli
Daniela is Professor of Interaction Design at the Art & Design Research Centre, C3RI, Sheffield Hallam University (UK). Her research interests have always stretched across boundaries and her publications contributed a humancentred perspective in novel research themes such as crosslanguage information retrieval, knowledge search and visu-alization; personalization of cultural heritage, tangible and embedded interaction. She started working within the context of cultural heritage in 1996, specifically on personalisation of museum guides and mobile systems. She now coordinated the meSch EU project, that aims at enabling cultural heritage professionals to create tangible, personalised and interactive experiences for their audiences.

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